About Us

Welcome to Pots & Pans Pizza!

We are a newly established company located in the rolling hills of Saddleworth, Greater Manchester. We specialise in stone baked pizza using fresh, and where available, locally sourced ingredients. Our dough has always been home made, but as of April 2021, we now use a seventy-two hour dough recipe. Two-Day Dough allows the dough to age and develop a deeper flavour and increased texture - it feels silky to touch when we're working with it in the kitchen and once cooked, returns a beautiful crunch.

We operate from The Commy in Uppermill, and you can find us by walking down the side of the pub and knocking on our window if it's not already open!

We've previously had an online ordering system but had to take it offline, so have high hopes that this new system provides the stability that we need for our high amount of orders, so that we can continue to impress customers from Mossley to Waterhead with our fabulous pizza.

If you have any problems at all, please call the kitchen on 07737 607536 and we will seek to rectify the issue for you.

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